Way to Peace

To all who want to make real world peace in every country in the world. Join us in our grassroots efforts to make war, terrorism, and violence impossible to pursue throughout every corner of this globe.

And I have an ideal project for President Barack Obama and/or Vice President Joe Biden to get involved in after their retirement from office. This is either participating full time or part time in critical roles in the leadership of World Peace Society, the non-profit corporation propelling this grassroots effort forward.

What is needed is a majority of the leading countries to invest a small portion of their armed forces in a worldwide corporation that has enough power to form an international police force to prevent any country from creating an armed force that can carry out war, terrorism or violence in any country.

Each country retains their own identity and individuality. They only give up the right to practice war, terrorism or violence anywhere in the world. Those who participate in promoting this idea can put in $1 or more. But, if they put in $30 or more, they can earn 30 to 51 percent of the contribution they enroll. The average person can easily earn 35 percent or more of this contribution. Thus, we have a grassroots effort to promote world peace to everyone in the world and provide income to those who want to help to attain this goal. The effort could improve the life of millions and millions of people throughout the world. The project is already underway and very little money is required to expand its reach. I hope you will help me bring attention to it from President Obama and Vice President Biden and anyone else.

I am 87 years old and spent 48 years evolving this project to its current state. In the beginning, I received a personal letter from Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Senator Edward Kennedy, and even received a direct communiation from Mitt Romney's father, as well as other famous world leaders. We never reached a financial agreement and all the funding up to this point has been provided by me. But now I am short of money and I need financing to carry it further.

Anybody can be a participant or partner in our desire to spread this grassroots mission to every country in the world.

If anybody has a better plan, let them put it forward. This planet must insure a plan for world peace. To live in a world, where even by accident, life and civilization could be destroyed in 15 minutes, is the height of human insanity. Do something about it. We must achieve world peace now.

World Peace Society
David Levene, Founder and Managing Director

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